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The SMAA invites all individuals who are interested in traditional Japanese budo and koryu bujutsu to apply for membership.

About the Shudokan Martial Arts Association


The Shudokan Martial Arts Association (SMAA, Shudokan Budo-Kai) was founded in January 1994 by martial artists concerned with promoting and safeguarding the traditional martial arts and ways of Japan.



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Aikido Division


Aikido is a dynamic martial art and form of spiritual training focused on non-violent punching and pinning techniques.

Iaido Division


Iaido focuses on the drawing and use of the traditional Japanese sword; it's widely regarded as a form of moving meditation.

Judo Division


SMAA's traditional Judo combines competitive elements of Kokodan Judo, the study of judo’s spiritual basis, and its philosophical life applications.

Jujutsu Division


Often regarded as the oldest Japanese Martial Art, Jujutsu is a collective name for Japanese martial systems including unarmed and armed methods.

Karate-do Division


Karate-do is a martial art is primarily a striking art using punching, kicking, as well as knee and elbow strikes.

An Excerpt From "Budo Mind and Body"


What is Budo truly about? This article seeks to explain that question in a modern context for any martial artist!

Preface from Unlocking the Secrets of Aiki-jujutsu


If you've ever wondered whether spirituality has a place in martial arts, you're not alone--H.E. Davey seeks to answer this ques

Budo and the Art of Japanese Calligraphy


Come along, as H.E. Davey sensei describes the parallels between Japanese Calligraphy and the traditional Asian Martial Art, Bud

First SMAA National Seminar & Conference


Many martial artists gather for Iaido, Ikebana, and the Asian martial arts in general, but what was it like to experience the SM

Koryu Batto and Modern Iaido


What is Iaido? Where did it come from and where is it now? Jump into the fascinating history of this Japanese Martial art with A

Judo: Martial Way or Modern Sport?


Judo-- a well-known martial art and sport, it captivates hundreds of countries. But is it still budo? Come along with Burklund S



What is fighting? How is it related to martial arts? Brett Dennison seeks to define this answer in terms of SMAA and clarify any

Fudoshin and Its Continuing Relevance


To stand unflinching against evil or to be moved by it--what is Fudoshin and where is its place today? In martial arts? In the S

Identifying Characteristics of Nihon Jujutsu


In a world of commercialized dojos, how do we know what is a true Japanese Martial Art? SMAA Fabian Sensei explains in detail.

Book review of "Unlocking the Secrets of Aiki-Jujutsu"


Join Fabian Sensei as he describes H.E. Davey Sensei's journey to teach his readers about the traditional Japanese martial art o

The Tradition of The Takeuchi Ryu


With great tradition comes great stories--from its origin to its modern applicatoin, Wayne tells the enthralling tale of the Tak

A Brief History of Toyama Ryu


Toyama Ryu Iaido—a standing sword art. From its origins to its modern applications, let’s look at this brief but detailed read,

The Principles of Nakamura Ryu


Nakamura sensei escorts the reader on his journey through martial arts—revealing both his principles and his training in judo, k

My Introduction to Bujutsu


Accompany Sawai Sensei on his Bujutsu journey, beginning with the unique, Japanese martial art, koshiki suiei-jutsu!



Discipline and repetition or ridicule and inaccuracy--discover where Kata stands in Japanese martial arts and in life.

The Humble Budoka


SMAA Mark Colby takes the reader on a journey through humility—its role in modern day Judo, Budo, and in any traditional Japanes

Wado Ryu Karate-do


Are you interested in Karate-do? This Japanese martial art has one heck of a history—secret training, a dramatic schism, learn t

The Ryu: A Definition in Context


Lowry uses down-to-earth examples to showcase the true meaning of Ryu in martial arts, taking context from Japanese history and

The Importance of Understanding & Experiencing One's Center of Balance


Joseph Rippy Sensei describes the importance of a martial artist’s balance in Traditional Japanese Budo.

Japanese Judo: R.I.P.?


Is the Japanese martial art, Judo, dead? Colby Sensei delves into the thoughts of Japanese Judo masters and why IJF events..

A Judo Journey


Follow Richard Burkland sensei's journey as a martial artist experiencing judo--how it changed his life, how it affects him now!

Shodo: A Japanese Path to Moving Meditation


H.E. Davey's captivating Shodo article carries us away to a world of traditional Japanese brush strokes and breath, where martia

An excerpt from "Clouds in the West" by Dave Lowry


Be transported with this small, but insightful, excerpt from martial artist Dave Lowry's journey in Japan.

Scary! A Clumsy Tennessean, Sword in Hand, Attends the SMAA Europe Seminar


When swords and martial arts mix, the results can be interesting! Iaido and more--read this first-hand account of the Shudokan M

Mon-Iri: Entering the Gates


A single step begins a journey--Muromoto Wayne's captivating tale of his judo journey transports any martial artist into familia



In martial arts dojos of uniforms and identical salutes, where is the room for individuality? Suino Sensei argues its in our act

Te-no-Uchi: Gripping the Sword in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido


Building a house, you don’t forego the bricks—Iaido’s sword grip is often forgotten. Avoid various issues with Suino Sensei’s de

Experiencing the 2007 SMAA Seminar & Conference


Bokken, Iaido, and more--here's a look in to the SMAA 2007 martial arts conference!



In a delightfully accurate analogy of a forge to training, Evans sensei discusses the importance of martial arts training.

Jujutsu--The Terminology


Jujutsu, Jujitsu, Koryu, Kodokan--for the beginner, this whirlwind of terms can be confusing! Don't worry. Muromoto Sensei is he

Autosuggestion in Japanese Yoga & Budo


Take a journey with Atsuhiro's in-depth look into the implications of Japanese Yoga and Budo on the mind. What are the benefits?

Information & Certification in Legitimate Heritage Japanese Martial Arts


Are you curious about joining in traditional Japanese martial arts? We answer your questions on SMAA certification and membershi