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The SMAA invites all individuals who are interested in traditional Japanese budo and koryu bujutsu to apply for membership. There are two levels of membership in the SMAA: full members are eligible to apply for rank and teaching titles; associate members receive all the other benefits of membership, but do not receive rank or titles. All members are bound by the SMAA Code of Ethics. For more information, see the Membership page and the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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How to Use the Bokken (Wooden Sword)

August 19-September 16, 2020
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Every martial artist should have a basic understanding of how to use the wooden sword. It's a useful weapon, but it also informs many movements in jujutsu, karate, aikido and other arts. Nicklaus Suino-Sensei, 8th dan in Eishin-Ryu Iaido, leads 5 30-minute workshops via Zoom to give you a basic understanding of the bokken and how to use it.


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