Aikido Division

Aikido is a dynamic martial art and form of spiritual training created by Ueshiba Morihei Sensei (1883-1969). It focuses on nonviolent throwing and pinning techniques, and in some systems the use of the sword and staff is included as well. In many aikido schools, it is practiced in a noncompetitive environment.

Since Ueshiba Sensei’s death, a number of high ranking aikido experts have created their own versions of this martial art. The SMAA Aikido Division is open to all genuine forms of aikido with an authentic lineage that can be traced directly to a Japanese founder.

This popular division is lead by Karl Scott Sensei, SMAA Shihan and sixth dan. Scott Sensei studied aikido for numerous years under several notable and talented teachers, including Tohei Koichi Sensei (tenth dan), Kai Kuniyuki Sensei (ninth dan), Shiohira Hideki Sensei (seventh dan), Toyoda Fumio Sensei (sixth dan), and Walter Todd Sensei (sixth dan).

Cynthia Hayashi Sensei is one of the prominent members of the SMAA Aikido Division. She is a direct student of the famed Saito Morihiro Sensei, himself a senior disciple of the founder of aikido. Hayashi Sensei received a seventh-degree black belt in aikido from the Aikikai World HQ in Tokyo. She is one of the highest ranking female aikido teachers in the world.


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