Brush Meditation: A Japanese Way to Mind & Body Harmony

Brush Meditation: A Japanese Way to Mind & Body Harmony

by H. E. Davey Sensei
Stone Bridge Press ISBN 1-880656-38-8 144 pages $14.95

"Your highest objective is to become one with the vibrant rhythm of nature and to let this pulsation flow out through the brush." -H. E. Davey

Expanded attention, deeper relaxation, increased focus and resolve . . . Achieve lasting spiritual transformation through the classical art of Japanese calligraphy (shodo). Simple step-by-step exercises let beginners and non-artists alike work with brush and ink to reveal their mental and physical state through "moving meditations." Exploring the intricate relationships of mind, body, and brush, Brush Meditation also delves into the mysteries of human life energy, or ki, and the power of the hara, a natural abdominal center. Fully illustrated.

As a highly ranked, well-respected instructor of various arts, including classical martial arts, Japanese yoga, and shodo (calligraphy), H. E. Davey is able to discuss shodo in terms of wider spiritual and philosophical implications for the non-practitioner and, indeed, for anyone seeking insights and ideas from Asian culture and traditions. This is an unusual talent and a rare gift, and Davey speaks from an unusual perspective of awareness, position, and repute.
-Wayne Muromoto, publisher, Furyu: the Budo Journal

H. E. Davey combines a remarkable technical facility in the Japanese art of the brush with a deep understanding of its spiritual profundities. His book offers a marvelous practical introduction to Japanese calligraphy as well as insights into the essence of this art. It is a unique and fascinating presentation of a little-known art of self-cultivation.
-Dave Lowry, author of Sword and Brush and Autumn Lightning

See the excerpt from Brush Meditation that was published in the Summer 1999 issue of Michi Online: Journal of Japanese Cultural Arts.

How to Order
Brush Meditation is now out of print, but the entire book is included in The Japanese Way of the Artist (Stone Bridge Press), which also contains Living the Japanese Arts & Ways and The Japanese Way of the Flower. Get three popular books by H. E. Davey for the price of one. Order The Japanese Way of the Artist from and discover the secrets of Japan's ancient arts, crafts, and forms of meditation.


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