Budo Mind and Body

Budo Mind and Body

by Nicklaus Suino Sensei
Weatherhill ISBN 0-8348-0568-5 128 pages $16.95

Budo, or traditional Japanese martial arts for self-cultivation, is about more than learning how to fight; true budo is a way of seeking and grasping meaning in life. Traditional Japanese martial arts have close ties to Zen Buddhism, and students of such arts as iaido, kendo, aikido, judo, kyudo, and karate-do are required to work tirelessly to refine body, mind, and spirit.

Here, Nicklaus Suino, one of the leading iaido teachers in North America, gives expert advice on how to get the most from training in traditional Japanese martial arts. He reveals the essential components of budo training, including:

  • how to determine the principles behind techniques
  • how to develop physical strength, technical strength, and strength of character
  • how to discipline your mind to really focus and be in the present moment

Originally published as Arts of Strength, Arts of Serenity, this revised and updated edition gives advice on training and etiquette that will be indispensable to beginning students, and a potent reminder to more seasoned practitioners. Advanced students will particularly appreciate Suino's explanation of budo philosophy.

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